Primary Care

Primary Care

What does Primary care involve?

Primary care involves the general medical requirements of patients. When visiting a health provider, a patient usually comes into contact with primary care providers first. A primary care provider diagnoses and treats illnesses at an early stage before the any disease or issues becomes more serious and threatening patients. Primary care officials also ensure that patients get the level of care that they desire.

What is the importance of Primary care?

Primary care is essential to general medical care in various ways. Some of these include;

  • Help detect critical illnesses at an early stage- A patient with a primary care provider can detect serious diseases and issues during routine check-ups. The illness can, therefore, be treated at an early stage saving the patient from more serious issues and from more expensive procedures.
  • It saves money- early detection of diseases enables early treatment and therefore saves money that would have been used had the sickness progressed. Primary care prevents patients from unnecessarily visiting the emergency room which is more costly.
  • Saves time for by preventing patients with cases that are not urgent from making trips to the emergency room and wasting time for the health practitioners there.
  • Offers a great opportunity for advice on how to take care of themselves.  Primary care providers often know the complete medical history of their patients and can, therefore, provide good advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. They also know previous illnesses in the family and can put up preventive measures for such illnesses.
  • A primary care provider will refer you to other specialists for cases that are out of their field and also share information of your medical history with another health specialist. This is to ensure a patient gets the best treatment possible.
  • Help control existing illnesses- some diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart conditions may be tiresome to manage on your own. A primary care provider will keep you up to date with your conditions and also ensure you attend routine check-ups.

Not only should sick people see a primary care provider but also those who think that they are healthy. Routine medical tests by a healthy person ensure that the person leads a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is therefore advisable that everyone, healthy or not seeks primary care for their safety.