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Acute illnesses are health conditions and injuries that occur abruptly and last for a short period of time, presenting a series of symptoms.

Chronic illnesses are diseases that develop gradually and tend to last for months or years, requiring long-term health management and treatment.

High blood pressure is a condition that affects the blood vessels of the body and can result in health conditions, like heart disease and stroke.

Cholesterol treatment is medical-based care that helps individuals to effectively lower and manage their cholesterol levels for optimal health.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that harms the body's ability to regulate normal blood sugar levels, leading to a wide variety of health problems.

Asthma is a lung disease that affects the respiratory tract, making it difficult for air to travel to the lungs, which results in shortness of breath.

Thyroid disease is any type of condition that affects the normal function of the thyroid gland and is typically treated with custom medical care.

ADHD and ADD are behavioral disorders that affect children and adults of all ages, making it difficult to focus, listen, multitask, and sit still.

Birth control management is the practice of using different types of contraceptives, like the pill, condoms, and devices, to prevent pregnancy.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be caused by a virus, bacteria, or parasite and develop into serious diseases and health complications.

Eczema and other skin conditions are common issues that can affect patients of all ages, presenting symptoms, such as redness, bumps, and itchiness.

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