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What's Included in Acute symptom care?

Nest Family Medicine in Plano, TX is proud to offer acute symptom care to adults, teens, and children. Acute symptoms are typically caused by sudden illnesses or trauma. These kinds of conditions generally arise unexpectedly and last for a short amount of time. In many cases, acute diseases go away on their own with over-the-counter medication, but in more severe instances, short-term treatment may be necessary. Seasoned family physician Dr. Priti Ranjan can properly diagnose your condition and provide the most appropriate treatment to ease your symptoms and restore optimal health.

What are some common acute conditions?

There are many different types of illnesses and injuries that result in a sudden onset of symptoms. The most common forms of acute health conditions include:

  • Common cold
  • Flu
  • Sinus infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma attack
  • Heart attack
  • Broken bone/injury
  • Skin rash

Diagnosing acute conditions

Acute conditions cause symptoms to develop quickly. If this is the case, the practitioners at Nest Family Medicine can perform a thorough examination and provide a diagnosis so we can move forward with treatment. When evaluating a patient with an acute condition, we make sure to ask about symptoms, how long they have been around, and what is making them feel better or worse. Be sure to provide information about any of your current prescriptions and supplements. Our team may conduct lab work or other tests as needed to help us make a proper diagnosis.

what are the Treatments for acute illnesses?

Although certain acute conditions go away on their own with time, minor medical care may be needed to treat more severe diseases and injuries. The great news is that most patients with acute illnesses will make a full recovery. In some cases, if left untreated, acute ailments can develop into more serious health conditions that require more intensive care. Depending on the type, symptoms, and severity of your condition, different treatments may be used. On average, Dr. Ranjan may prescribe medication, recommend bed rest, or suggest dietary restrictions to improve and manage your symptoms.

Acute Symptom Care FAQ

What is an example of an acute illness or acute injury?

Acute illnesses refer to any sickness or illness that is sudden, for example, the flu, appendicitis, or a skin rash. An acute injury includes broken bones, sprains, and conditions such as a heart attack. Many, if not most, acute illnesses and injuries require hospitalization, treatment, or medication.

What’s the difference between an acute condition and a chronic condition?

An acute condition happens quickly, with the person experiencing it possibly feeling fine before the initial symptoms – appendicitis, for example. A chronic condition develops slowly and is long-lasting, often with the person experiencing it daily – asthma, diabetes, etc.

What is the medical definition of acute condition?

The generally accepted medical definition of an acute condition is – an intense or severe illness, disease, infection, or injury that develops quickly and only lasts a short while often requiring hospitalization or treatment. (See above questions for examples).

how can i get fast, reliable care for acute illnesses?

Did you suddenly get sick over the weekend or experience an unexpected accident? Call Nest Family Medicine in Plano, TX to schedule an appointment today. Our office offers flexible hours so patients can get the quality medical care they deserve when they need it. Please see our patient resources to learn more about how to prepare for your visit and the different insurance plans we accept.

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