Sinus Infection vs. Common Cold: What’s the Difference?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 08/29/2021

Visit Dr. Priti Ranjan and the team at Nest Family Medicine in Plano, TX if you’re experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection or common cold.


What Causes Eczema to Develop in Adults?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 07/18/2021

Common eczema symptoms include redness and skin irritation. Learn what triggers eczema in adults and how our primary care doctor treats your symptoms.


Does Your Child Need a Physical for Summer Sports?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 06/15/2021

Almost all children are athletes, and your child does not need to play organized sports to benefit from a sports physical.


What is the Best Treatment for a Chronic Asthma Condition?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 05/14/2021

A lung function test can help determine the best asthma treatment for patients with chronic asthma in Plano, TX.


Is A Mammogram Included in A Well-Woman Exam?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 04/28/2021

When it comes to women’s wellness, a breast exam and a mammogram are both important factors to consider in Plano, TX.


What Are Bedsores and Where Can They Form on the Body?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 04/22/2021

Bedsores are injuries to the skin due to prolonged pressure on the skin in Plano, TX.


How Wellness Visits Help You Maintain Good Health

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 04/15/2021

Annual wellness visits allow your doctor to detect medical conditions early when they’re easier to treat.


What is Causing Your Leg Ulcers to Get Worse?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 04/07/2021

Healing leg ulcers properly is important for your overall health in Plano, TX.


Is High Cholesterol Considered a Chronic Illness?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 03/30/2021

Having an annual exam allows a doctor to monitor you for high cholesterol and other potential health conditions.


How Long Do Acute Illnesses Last?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 03/23/2021

Knowing the management of acute illness is important for your health in Plano TX.


What Happens During A Well-Child Exam?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 03/13/2021

A well-child exam evaluates a child’s growth, development, and overall health.


Are Wellness Visits the Same As Annual Physicals?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 03/11/2021

Knowing the difference between an annual physical exam vs wellness visit is important.


When to Seek Medical Care For A Burn Injury

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 02/27/2021

Knowing when to seek burn treatment for your burn injury is important for your health.


Understanding the Differences Between Acute and Chronic Illness

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 02/19/2021

Learning how to treat chronic and acute health conditions is important for your overall health.


What are the Common Symptoms of Acute Illness?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 02/10/2021

Knowing acute illness symptoms makes it easier to know when you require treatment to feel better.


What Age Should Women Begin Having Well-Woman Exams?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 02/03/2021

An annual well-woman exam includes a preventive care breast exam and evaluates overall health.


What Type of Blood Work is Done at an Annual Physical?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 01/26/2021

An annual exam is a health assessment that looks for potential medical problems early on.


How are Diabetic Foot Ulcers Treated?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 01/20/2021

Learn how to treat a diabetic foot ulcer effectively with wound care in Plano, TX.


What is Considered a Chronic Illness?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 01/13/2021

Chronic illnesses require regular treatment to ensure a patient’s health and wellness stay intact.


What are the Dangers of Untreated Acute Conditions?

Dr. Priti Ranjan | 01/08/2021

Treating acute illnesses with short-term treatment is best for your health in Plano, TX.


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