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what is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam is a comprehensive wellness checkup that assesses a woman's overall health. It is an essential part of preventive care for women of all ages as it screens for gynecological diseases and provides an opportunity for female patients to discuss their health concerns with their primary care physician. This exam is usually performed once a year and will include different diagnostic tests and screenings, depending on the patient's age, lifestyle, and medical history. To schedule your well-woman exam with general practitioner Dr. Priti Ranjan, call Nest Family Medicine in Plano, TX.

What does a well-woman exam consist of?

A well-woman exam will differ per patient but often includes the following tests:

  • Breast exam inspects for abnormal tissue and discharge
  • Pelvic exam scans for abnormalities of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, pelvis
  • Pap smear screens for cervical cancer
  • Mammogram checks for breast cancer and is recommended for patients who are over the age of 40
  • Vital signs assessment and review of general medical history
  • Lab work to determine blood count, cholesterol, and kidney function
  • Additional screenings, such as STD testing and fertility evaluation, may also be ordered

Well-Woman Exam FAQ

What questions should you ask during a well-woman exam?

During your appointment, we recommend discussing any concerns you may have. Typical questions may include whether I should get tested for STDs, my birth control options, and why my period is heavy. We answer each question with compassion, and we take the time to determine any underlying reasons for specific conditions.

Does insurance cover my well-woman exam?

Yes. Insurance typically covers a well-woman exam because it is seen as a preventive measure.

Is a well-woman exam the same as an annual physical?

Compared to an annual physical, a well-woman exam reviews the vulva, breasts, and uterus. It is often known as a gynecological exam or pelvic exam.

what to do after your well-woman exam

Once the physical portion of your exam is complete, Dr. Ranjan will take her time to answer any questions you may have regarding your sexual health, contraceptives, and family planning. Depending on the results of your wellness exam, lab work, and other screenings, Dr. Ranjan may create a custom treatment plan or suggest certain lifestyle adjustments. On average, Dr. Ranjan commonly recommends that patients follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to improve and maintain good health. She may also suggest incorporating a multivitamin, stress management routine, and other helpful practices to boost your general wellness.

how to get a well-woman exam

Our caring team at Nest Family Medicine is here to help guide you through your health journey with great sensitivity and compassion. We understand that it can be uncomfortable undergoing a breast or pelvic exam, but we assure you, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Our goal is to focus on safe, effective preventive care for all women so they can enjoy a long and healthy life. Reach out to our office in Plano, TX to book your exam today. Our practice also accepts an array of insurance plans and traditional Medicare.

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