What are the Common Symptoms of Acute Illness?

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At Nest Family Medicine, we offer acute symptom care to patients of all ages. Acute illness usually occurs because of a sudden illness or trauma. While they usually last for a short amount of time, you may need short-term treatment to feel better. Our experienced family physician, Dr. Priti Ranjan, can diagnose you and provide the best treatment to ease your symptoms and restore your health. When you visit our Plano, TX office, first, we will perform an examination and then give you our professional opinion on the next steps for treating acute health conditions.

What is an acute illness?

Acute illness refers to any illness that happens suddenly and can be resolved easily. A chronic illness is one that persists over time, unlike an acute one that comes and goes quickly. Some acute illnesses are minor, such as a cough or a cold, while others are more severe.

Some examples of acute illnesses include:

  • Asthma attack

  • Bronchitis

  • Cold

  • Fever

  • Flu

  • Heart attack

  • Pneumonia

  • Sinus infection

  • Skin rash

  • Sports injury

  • Upper respiratory infection

  • Broken bone

Acute illness symptoms

There are many acute illnesses that result in sudden symptoms. In cases of the flu or common cold, we encourage our patients throughout Plano, TX to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Because some conditions are contagious, patients should seek treatment before they start to spread it to others. Our family practice, with the help of Dr. Ranjan, can help you to treat your mild symptoms from home.

When left untreated, these acute illnesses, including a sinus infection, can worsen. We can prescribe medications that cannot be accessed over-the-counter that usually help resolve symptoms faster. Patients with severe acute illness symptoms, such as a fever, nausea, or vomiting, should call our office right away. If you’re having trouble breathing or severe chest pain, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Managing acute illnesses

When you visit Nest Family Medicine, first, we perform a thorough medical examination to diagnose you. Next, we will come up with a treatment plan that may include prescription medications, such as antibiotics. Our ultimate goal is to address your illness to help you make a full recovery quickly.

While these acute conditions usually go away with time, minor medical care is necessary to treat certain illnesses. When left untreated, some acute illnesses can develop into more serious health conditions that require more extensive treatment. This is why it’s always important to schedule a medical exam, regardless of how serious you believe your illness is.

Get professional acute illness treatment

At Nest Family Medicine, we can diagnose and treat acute illnesses. Board-certified physician Dr. Priti Ranjan has years of experience and training that allows her to properly diagnose and treat sudden illnesses in Plano, TX. Our clinic is open with flexible hours so patients can get the quality care they need whenever needed. Call to schedule an appointment to treat your acute illness today.

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