What Does A Doctor Look For During An Annual Physical Exam?

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A physical exam is a routine test performed by a primary care physician, such as board-certified family physician Dr. Priti Ranjan at Nest Family Medicine. This wellness exam allows a doctor to evaluate a patient’s health status and offers an opportunity to discuss health-related questions or concerns. During your annual physical exam in Plano, TX, Dr. Ranjan will review your medical history, check your vitals, perform a physical blood test, and discuss your lifestyle. The goal is to identify any signs of medical conditions or diseases, so they are treated early before they become more serious.

What to expect when getting a physical exam

At Nest Family Medicine, we recommend our adult patients have a physical exam at least once a year, especially those over the age of 50. Dr. Ranjan or one of our medical assistants will gather your general health information, such as your weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. Next, they will inspect your body for any abnormal growths or swelling, bruising, or inflammation. Then, she'll have you lie down to assess your abdomen and other areas. After this physical portion of your annual exam, a blood test will be performed of a full blood count and cholesterol check. If necessary, additional tests may be ordered, depending on the results of your exam.

Some things we look for during your annual exam at Nest Family Medicine include:

  • Updated immunizations

  • Ensure you’re eating healthy and exercising

  • Assessing progress for any previous treatment (such as for high blood pressure or cholesterol)

  • Look for signs of Type II diabetes

How to prepare for your annual exam

Preparing for your exam with Dr. Ranjan allows you to get the most out of your time with her. Prepare a list of all of your current medications, including herbal supplements. Also, make a list of any pain or symptoms you’re experiencing that can be addressed at your visit. Be ready to discuss any medical or surgical history that may have changed since your last visit. Also, provide our medical team with any doctors you have seen recently, such as a urologist, cardiologist, or surgeon. Dress in comfortable clothing, so it's easy for our team to examine your body.

What happens after your physical

Once your physical is over, you will schedule a follow-up exam to review any results of your blood work or other tests ordered. Depending on what we find, Dr. Ranjan may make several lifestyle or diet recommendations that will improve your health. Certain medications and treatments may also help you manage serious health conditions and chronic symptoms, such as asthma, arthritis, or high blood pressure.

Schedule an annual physical exam in Plano, TX

At Nest Family Medicine, we are committed to providing compassionate, patient-focused care for all our patients in Plano, TX. Maintaining a schedule of regular routine physicals is essential for maintaining your health and living a long life. If you are experiencing health issues or pain, we invite you to call our office to book an appointment. We accept most major insurance plans and Medicare. To book your annual exam with family practitioner Dr. Priti Ranjan, call our team today.

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